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Proposed Plant Washington Threatens Ga. Water


Atlanta, Ga. (February 24) – A new short film will be released by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy tonight, showing that the Power4Georgians’ proposed coal-fired Plant Washington would use up to 16 million gallons of water daily, causing a significant threat to Georgia’s precious water resources. In the film, Saving Georgia’s Water: Preserving Georgia’s Economic Future, business owners, residents, and sportsmen discuss negative effects that a new coal-fired power plant would have to the already depleted Oconee River and nearby water table. SACE will release the 3-minute film during a Community Briefing on Plant Washington at 5:30 p.m. at the Rosa M. Tarbutton Memorial Library in Sandersville, Ga.

“We’ve lost a lot of water around here recently,” said Sonny Daniel, a Warthen, Ga. resident who appears in the video. “If they build this coal plant, many of us may lose our wells and ponds.”

The 3-minute film confronts business, quality of life and other issues that a new coal-fired power plant would bring to Washington, County and areas along the Oconee River. As Georgia attempts to deal with a long-term water shortage, a water-guzzling coal-plant would not encourage a healthy economy in the area.

“Water-hogging coal plants will only worsen the devastating impacts of the recent drought,” said Rick La Torra, a SACE organizer. “We need to respond to Georgia’s energy needs with strong energy efficiency programs and clean energy like biomass, wind, and solar; perpetuating our dependence on dirty old coal plants drains our water resources and pollutes our air.”

SACE and other organizations are encouraging residents across the state and particularly in Washington County to “Say Yes to Clean Energy and No to Plant Washington.” On Thursday, March 5, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division will host a public “Question and Answer” session, giving residents an opportunity to voice their concerns about the proposed plant. SACE representatives and others will be in attendance.

SACE staff will also travel with more than 100 Georgians to Washington, D.C. this weekend to call on national leaders to move toward dependence on clean energy and away from reliance on dirty fossil fuels. Within the past few weeks, numerous states across the nation have stepped away from proposed coal plants. South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford recently denounced Santee Cooper’s Pee Dee coal plant for it’s high cost and impending carbon controls from federal regulators.

Visit to view Saving Georgia’s Water, and to learn more about Plant Washington. # # #