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Climate Science


Climate change is an increase in the average temperatures in the atmosphere and oceans over time due primarily to human influences. Although heat-trapping pollution, such as carbon dioxide and methane, (also known as “greenhouse gases” (GHGs) are naturally occurring elements, humans have greatly increased the amount of this pollution in our atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels. climate_change_greenhouse.jpgClimate pollution acts as a blanket around the earth, keeping it warm at night. Too much pollution is like adding layer after layer of blankets — eventually it gets uncomfortable.

There are a number of websites where you can learn more about climate science. Here are a few for you to consider.

Government websites:

Climate science websites:

Non-profit websites:

Media websites:


Please see our “climate impacts page” to learn more.


The problem of climate change is so severe that it requires solutions at every level of society – individuals, cities, states, federal government, and international agreements. One of the most important things America can do is pass meaningful climate policy that will set a limit and begin to reduce climate pollution. America must also participate in an International agreement to reduce pollution because global warming is a global problem. On the local level there are many things we can do. Every individual can take action to reduce his or her own carbon footprint.