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Solar Energy Potential in the Southeast


The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy continually tracks, researches, and analyzes the latest data available regarding renewable energy resources in the Southeast. Our review of eleven Southeastern states indicates that local energy resources are sufficient to fulfill an aggressive national mandate for renewable energy. These numbers are subject to updates and change as technology and markets continue to evolve. In the table below, we have listed the projected feasible annual solar energy (GWh) in Southeastern states. To read more about the data used and our modeling techniques, please read our full report, Yes We Can: Southern Solutions for a National Renewable Energy Standard.

Projected Feasible Generation Resources (GWh)

State Rooftop PV Ground Mounted PV Large Scale Solar Water Heating CSP Total
Alabama 442 17,010 369 17,821
Arkansas 5 16,462 84 16,550
Florida 1,730 19,263 387 151 21,532
Georgia 202 18,307 158 18,668
Kentucky 163 11,169 215 11,546
Louisiana 171 14,334 127 14,632
Mississippi 455 14,936 218 15,609
North Carolina 746 14,856 195 15,798
South Carolina 213 9,587 95 9,895
Tennessee 398 12,030 397 12,824
Virginia 293 11,527 103 11,924
Total 4,819 159,481 2,348 151 166,799

Note: CSP feasibility limited to Florida due to need for direct incidence of sunlight.

State incentives such as sales tax exemptions on solar equipment and Public Benefit Funds can help provide the incentives necessary for helping to get small and large-scale solar projects started. In addition a federal renewable and energy efficiency portfolio standard can provide the support necessary to bring large-scale solar development to the Southeast.