SACE | Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Energy Efficiency in the Southeast


The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) continues its webinar series with a presentation on Energy Efficiency in the Southeast: Successes and Shortcomings. Our webinars are your opportunity to directly engage with SACE staff and learn about emerging clean energy technologies, opportunities and issues that SACE engages in everyday. SACE is excited to use this technology as a way to connect with our members and share the most up-to-date advances in the clean energy field.

For the May webinar in SACE’s monthly webinar series, we’ll be sharing the latest data on how southeastern states and utilities are performing on energy efficiency. There are some bright spots, but generally the southeast lags behind most of the country on energy efficiency. We’ll discuss the factors that have held the southeast back, and why a federal energy efficiency standard is needed to bring the southeast up to a national level. We invite you to join us on May 28, 2009 from 12:00 PM EST for a briefing and open discussion.

When: Sep 27 2012, Thu 12:00pm