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Conclusion: Taking the Plunge Into Solar Power


With so many solar options and incentives, there’s never been a better time for residents in the Southeast to start taking advantage of solar energy. With renewable energy technologies quickly becoming cost-competitive with conventional forms of power, residents throughout the Southeast have an opportunity to transition from reliance on their local community grid to their own homegrown energy production system. While the origins of energy become an increasing hazard and the impacts of global warming are being felt directly in areas across the Southeast, residents are looking for ways to safely secure their power needs. The cradle-to-grave impacts of oil sands processing and coal mining are devastating to environmental conservation efforts. But as these processes function at such high level capacity, lessening the community “environmental footprint” can seem overwhelming. “Breaking it down, and looking directly at our homes can be one of the most successful ways to effect environmental change and contribute to the solution,” said Smith. “As an organization, we try to consistently point out ways that residents can make a personal lifestyle adjustment to alter the overall energy production cycle. Solar energy is one of those options; it’s a positive way that people can rely a little more on renewable energy.”Resources
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