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The House of Representatives is set to vote on the American Clean Energy and Security Act this Friday (June 26, 2009). America needs to move forward with a new energy policy for our country, and now is our chance. With a plan that will save consumers money, create new jobs and get America serious about reducing global warming pollution, we can get America running on clean, homegrown energy.

This plan will:

  • create jobs and invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency, including $90 billion for state clean energy programs;
  • put the U.S. on a serious path to reducing global warming pollution;
  • cost households less than the price of a postage stamp a day.

Don’t let the last voice your Representative hears before they vote come from those who support business as usual. Call your Representative today, and ask them to strengthen and support this crucial clean energy plan. Click here to find your Representative and call today! Thank you for working hard to pass a strong clean energy bill this year!

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Rennicks, Federal Policy Director: or 828-254-6776 x 3

Colin Hagan, Federal Policy Associate: or 864-982-2536