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Governor Crist: Appoint Senator for Clean Energy


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August 13, 2009

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On Friday, August 7th, Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) announced his resignation from picture_1the U.S. Senate effective immediately. Now, with a landmark climate and energy bill on the horizon this fall in the Senate, Governor Charlie Crist has a unique opportunity to ensure his appointee to Martinez’s seat upholds essential clean energy values. Florida needs a Senator who supports comprehensive federal climate policies that include carbon capping emissions. Please join us in calling or emailing Governor Charlie Crist TODAY, Thursday August 13th! Let him know you want a pro-clean energy appointee to Senator Martinez’s seat!

Back in 2007, Governor Crist was hailed as a climate crusader for Florida. That year he signed three executive orders to reduce global warming pollution as well as to assess the impacts and opportunities of climate change in the state of Florida.

The Governor said, “Global climate change is one of the most important issues we face this century, and we must take action. We must make every effort to boldly do our best to do what is right – for our environment, for our economy and for future generations.”

Join us in encouraging the Governor to choose an appointee who will uphold his climate and energy values and lead not only our state, but also our country into a clean energy future.

Contact Governor Charlie Crist Today!

Telephone: (850) 488-7146 TALKING POINTS: Governor Crist has worked hard to put our state at the forefront of the climate and energy debate. Governor Crist should appoint and work with a successor to Senator Martinez who will commit to supporting a strong Senate bill that put policies in place that will unleash a clean energy economy in our state.

Florida is uniquely positioned to take advantage of renewable energy because of our vast solar and biomass resources. A strong climate and energy bill will bring much-needed jobs to the 10% of Floridians currently unemployed. The Governor has an obligation to his citizens to choose an appointee that will diversify and retool our economy and provide incentives for innovation in clean energy.

In 2007, the Governor said, “Florida is providing the moral leadership needed to preserve our state’s beautiful natural environment, and state government is leading by example by taking immediate action to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. However, our actions do not stop here…” We ask that the Governor appoint someone who will uphold his belief that we have a moral obligation to address climate change.