SACE | Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Burning Coal, Burning Cash


For the May webinar in SACE’s monthly webinar series, SACE and UCS report authors will introduce you to the Union of Concerned Scientist new report, Burning Coal, Burning Cash, which highlights the U.S.’s dependence on imported coal. The report spotlights how much money each state spends to import coal from outside its borders (mainly from other states but also internationally), and thus exports energy dollars from its local economy. UCS identifies the top 10 states for each of six different measures of coal-import dependence, including:
(1) the most spent on total imports; (2) the greatest quantity of imports; (3) the highest import costs per capita; (4) the highest import costs per gross state product; (5) the highest import costs as a share of electricity consumed, and (6) the most spent on international coal imports.

When: Jan 1 1970, Thu 12:00am