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Attend Impt Meetings to Stop Plutonium Bomb




Attend Important Meetings to

Stop Plutonium Bomb Fuel


The Department of Energy (DOE) will hold a series of public meetings to discuss


their new proposals for dealing with surplus weapons grade plutonium, including potentially using plutonium bomb fuel, or mixed oxide fuel (MOX), in TVA’s nuclear reactors at Browns Ferry and Sequoyah. The Savannah River Site in South Carolina, where the MOX plant is being built, also faces new proposals. Attend one of the following meetings to voice your concerns about this expensive and risky plutonium bomb fuel initiative that threatens international nuclear non-proliferation goals: August 3, 2010: Calhoun Community College Decatur Campus in Decatur, AL
August 5, 2010: Chattanooga Convention Center in Chattanooga, TN
August 17, 2010: North Augusta Municipal Center in Augusta, SC

All meetings are 5:30-8 pm. Click on location to view maps and directions.

The DOE already tried to do this with Duke Energy’s reactors, but in 2009 Duke abandoned the risky project. If it wasn’t good enough for Duke Energy, why is it good enough for TVA? The truth is that plutonium bomb fuel isn’t good for anyone. It puts our communities at great risk, is very expensive and takes the current radioactive waste problem from bad to worse by creating dangerous new waste streams. Please check out this fact sheet for more information on the risks of reprocessing plutonium. Instead, DOE should support immobilization of surplus plutonium, which poses fewer risks and is more affordable.

If you cannot attend any meetings, send your comments to the DOE by September 17, 2010.

Fax: (887) 865-0277
Mail: Ms. Sachiko McAlhaney, Document Manager,
SPD Supplemental EIS
P.O. Box 2324
Germantown, MD 20874

Access the supplemental environmental impact statement and further information here.