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FL PSC Set to Vote on Bill Increases FL Nukes




FL PSC Set to Vote on Bill Increases

for Risky Florida NuclearProposals


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The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) is set to vote on Tuesday, October 26, bill2010 on Progress Energy’s request to again charge customers in advance for costs associated with new nuclear power generation—this time for $164 million. In September the PSC again failed Florida Power & Light (FPL) customers by approving a controversial stipulation that granted the utility’s $31 million request while punting the review until 2011. If these anti-consumer requests keep receiving approval from the PSC, the average Progress customer could see their electric bills increase by nearly $50 per month by 2020! For Progress’ estimated rate impacts as reported in the 2010 nuclear cost recovery clause docket, click here. The proposed two reactors in Levy County are now delayed by 5 years with estimated costs increased by $5 billion since just last year—now totaling $22.5 BILLION!
Contact the PSC and voice your concerns before the October 26 vote! If you are a FPL customer, feel free to share your disappointment with the PSC’s September decision. Listen online to the PSC proceeding beginning at 9:30 am Tuesday by clicking here. Please make sure to reference Docket 100009.
Email:, reference Docket 100009 in the subject line
Phone: (800) 342-3552

Progress Energy of Florida and FPL each want to build two costly new nuclear reactors in Florida at estimated costs of nearly $10 billion per reactor (or more in Progress’ case!). Due to bad legislation passed by the Florida Assembly in 2006 encouraging development in nuclear power, the utilities have AGAIN asked the FL PSC to approve charging customers in advance to pay for these reactors, in spite of significant project delays and cost overruns, which will raise electric bills before the reactors even produce electricity, if they’re ever even built.

It is not fair for the utilities to continue to dip into Floridian’s pocketbooks to pay in advance just for the prospect of building risky new nuclear reactors at FPL’s Turkey Point nuclear plant near Miami and the proposed Progress site in Levy County.

Instead, Florida needs to move toward energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy that can protect Florida’s families and businesses from financial risk as well as preserve Florida’s vital natural resources on which Florida’s economy relies.

Access information relevant to this docket here.

For more information on the high costs of building new reactors in Florida, click here.