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Tell Congress to Uphold the Clean Air Act




Tell Congress to Uphold the Clean Air Act


For decades, the Environmental Protection Agency has enforced the Clean Air Act, stackssuccessfully preventing millions of tons of pollutants from entering our air and water, to ensure the nation’s largest polluters don’t have a free pass to degrade public health or diminish our environment.

However, last week Chairman Upton of the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee and Ranking Member Inhofe of the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee introduced a bill to strip away Clean Air Act protections that currently safeguard human health from carbon dioxide and other forms of greenhouse gas pollution.

Speak to your Senators and Write your Representatives to let Congress know that you reject this and any other attempt to block or delay the EPA’s ability to carryout its mission in protecting human health.

Key points to share during a call or in an email or letter:

  • Please oppose any laws or legislative riders that would block or delay enforcement of the Clean Air Act and allow polluters to continue emitting life-threatening pollution from mercury, carbon dioxide, ozone and soot without any limits.
  • For forty years, this landmark law has successfully protected the health of millions of Americans – including our children, our seniors, and the most vulnerable among us – from dozens of pollutants even as our economy grew stronger.
  • Congress should not weaken or delay laws that protect the health and well-being of the American people. Scientists – not politicians – have the authority to determine appropriate standards for carbon pollution.
  • We need solutions to our pollution problems, not steps backward.

Read EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s recent oped in the Charlotte Observer or visit SACE’s Take Action page for more information on threats to the Clean Air Act.

For more information about Clean Air Act threats, please contact: Jennifer Rennicks, jennifer[at]