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Let them Know YOU Oppose Unfair Rate Hikes in NC!

Duke Energy and Progress Energy are working the halls of the NC General yourbillAssembly this very minute to build support for a new bill that would unfairly place the financial burden of building new nuclear reactors on us, the customers. This rate hike would be placed into effect before the new reactors ever went online without guarantee that they ever would, and without adequate oversight and review from the North Carolina Utilities Commission. We need you to email your legislators in the next day or two. Please help spread the word – forward this email!

Duke and Progress want YOU – their customers – to pay in advance for construction of financially risky new nuclear plants – at $10 billion per reactor – with automatic annual rate hikes that could significantly increase power bills. They will not be able to build new nuclear reactors in North Carolina unless they get this cost scheme approved. We understand that by last week, the utilities had lined up enough votes to ram through this Annual Rate Hike Bill. The nuclear crisis in Japan only temporarily stopped them.

Once introduced, this bill could move very quickly, as legislative supporters will likely minimize debate. SOPLEASE, SEND YOUR EMAIL TODAY!

Your email can be simple. Please urge your legislator to oppose the utilities’ Annual Rate Hike Bill.

Some of the points to make are:

  • In this economy we can’t afford more increases in our electric bills.
  • Wall Street is unwilling to finance new nuclear plants because they are too risky – why should I have to shoulder this burden?
  • The Annual Rate Hike scheme amounts to nothing more than a TAX on consumers like me.
  • I believe NC lawmakers need to maintain adequate ability to review utility decisions to ensure their prudency – this scheme would remove those checks and balances.
  • This funding scheme for new nuclear reactors comes with no guarantee that they would ever be fully constructed, no idea what the final price would be, and no reimbursement if the project is cancelled.
  • If NC utilities want to build new nuclear reactors, let their shareholders front the money and take the risk.
  • With the nuclear disaster in Japan worsening with no end in sight, this is not the time to rush ahead with a bill to make consumers pay up front for new nuclear plants – before we even know how that crisis will end and what costs it could add to proposed projects here in North Carolina and across the country.

The most important legislators to call are:

Your emails – and those of your friends and family – are crucial in turning North Carolina toward a less risky, clean energy economy.

Please take action TODAY!

Additional Background:
For more information on the utilities’ proposal and to listen to the radio ads, go to or visit our blog for a video and a story about a Florida Senator who recently warned North Carolina about pursuing these rate schemes. Click here to sign a petition on SACE’s Take Action page and learn more details on this issue.