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Stand up for NC’s environment and public health


Thanks for your interest in attending the Western NC Senate Joint Resolution Committee’s public hearing on North Carolina’s rules and regulations, many of which that are brought up are likely to be environmental in nature.

Some legislators and their lobbyist friends complain that environmental and public health protections currently in place are burdensome and hindering to businesses. These hearings represent another unfortunate step in the new Republican majority’s effort to identify environmental protections that big polluters want eliminated.

It’s critical that legislators hear from those who benefit from these safeguards and our enhanced quality of life in North Carolina.

To RSVP to attend the hearing, fill out your information below and we’ll send you talking points and answer any questions you may have. We need people like you to stand up for strong protections for North Carolina’s environment and for our communities. Dirty air and water don’t make sense for North Carolina businesses!
Click here to RSVP.

What: hearing

When: Jan 1 1970 - Feb 22 2018
Thu 12:00am to Thu 3:00pm

Where: Thomas Auditorium
180 West Campus Drive, Flat Rock, North Carolina, 28731