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Energy Efficiency: Southeast Impacts


Fourteen states in the U.S. are saving 1% of retail sales, annually, with energy efficiency, and leading states are saving more than 2% of retail sales. In the past five years, the Southeast has saved increasing amounts of energy efficiency, yet our programs still have minimal impact. The chart below shows utility energy efficiency performance, measured as savings as a percentage of retail sales, in 2013 in the several of the states that SACE focuses on.







The fundamental reason that the Southeast lags in energy efficiency impacts is because of a lack of an energy policy that puts a priority on saving energy. Many aspects of energy policy in the Southeast continue to encourage energy waste, but SACE continues to work with the major investor owned utilities and their regulators to put energy policies in place to support energy efficiency. For more information, please visit our Learn About Energy Efficiency pages for the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, and the TVA.