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The EPA Needs to Hear from You


Last chance to tell EPA you support strong limits on mercury pollution.

epa_mercury_health_imapcts.pngThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently proposed a first-ever and much-anticipated rule to set national emission standards for mercury pollution and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) from coal-fired power plants. For two decades EPA delayed finalizing this crucial rule, but they are now poised to take this extraordinarily important step that will help pave the way to a clean energy future and they want to hear from you. Next Thursday, August 4th, is the end of the public comment period. Before its too late we need you to tell EPA that you support their efforts to finally and fully protect our health, our air, and our water from mercury poisoning.Send your comments in TODAY! The new rule as proposed will prevent 91% of the mercury in coal burned at power plants from being emitted to the air, will save up to 17,000 lives each year, will support 31,000 temporary and 9,000 permanent jobs and, largely because of the health impacts, will result in net benefits of as much as $130 billion in 2016 alone. epa_mercury.pngThese benefits are extremely important to the Southeast where there are nearly 300 coal-fired units that have collectively emitted over 20,000 pounds of mercury into the air in a single year. Mercury is deposited into water bodies and accounts for the mercury-based fish advisories posted for every state in our region. Nonetheless, there are those in Congress and elsewhere who claim this rule is unnecessary or even harmful. EPA’s analysis clearly disproves this argument, but with your voice added to the chorus of supporters it will be easier for EPA to confidently move forward in protecting human and environmental health in the face of uninformed criticism. Read our “How To Comment” info sheet or visit ourTake Action page to learn how comment on this proposal.Learn moreof the details of this rule by visiting ourLearn About page.