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Fed Up with TVA Betting On Risky Nuclear Reactors?


Contact TVA Today!

The Tennessee Valley Authority is gambling away our chance at a clean energy future by proposing to complete the aging reactors at the Bellefonte site in northeast Alabama. TVA already spent $4.6 billion on its first attempt to construct these reactors in the 1970s and 80s before stopping construction in 1988. Then, in 2006, TVA abandoned its construction permits and cannibalized the reactors for spare parts without crucial regulatory oversight. Now TVA wants to spend an additional $7-9 billion to complete the two aging reactors, likely leading to significant rate hikes over the next several years.

Instead, energy efficiency and renewable energy generation are the best bet for TVA and Valley residents. These safe, affordable choices are available today. While TVA has taken strides to advance energy efficiency, its renewable goals are lacking. Don’t let TVA gamble away our chances at a clean energy future. What you can do:

  • Voice your concerns to the Tennessee Valley Authority’s board of directors BEFORE their next meeting on August 18.

Contact them TODAY:
Call: 865-632-4000
Mail: TVA Board of Directors
400 West Summit Hill Drive
Knoxville, TN 37902

  • Attend the TVA Board meeting August 18, 2011 at TVA headquarters in Knoxville and voice your concerns again in person. Click here for a map and check TVA’s website for meeting details as they are released. Please note meetings typically begin at 8:30 am EST.
  • Fill out this short form to receive updates about the August 18 meeting and future opportunities to take action on Bellefonte.