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Urge Congress to Dump Dirty Fuels


tarsands.jpgHigh gas prices are driving the search for cheaper alternatives, but energy companies and some in Congress are focusing their attention on dirty unconventional oil sources. Many see sources like tar sands, oil shale and liquid coal as a solution to high gas prices and our dependence on foreign oil. But these dirty fuel sources are risky investments that create more global warming pollution, put communities and their water supplies at risk and will do nothing to lessen our collective dependence on fossil fuels.

Real solutions – such as more efficient vehicles, alternative transportation options and cleaner biofuels made here in the Southeast – can help us meet our transportation needs without all of the pollution.

Join us in telling Congress and the President to ditch dirty fuels options and support clean energy solutions instead!


Support Clean Fuels



Tar Sands
Recent research suggests that tar sands oil also creates 15-40% more life cycle climate pollution as conventional oil does because of all the energy it takes to mine, upgrade, and refine the fuel.

Oil Shale
Like tar sands, converting oil shale found in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming into oil requires tremendous energy and water. Producing one million barrels per day would require a new network of dirty coal plants and would use three million barrels of water per year in a region already facing water shortages.

Liquid Coal
The coal industry estimates that reducing oil imports by 11% would require a 40% increase coal production. Such a significant increase would further stress the communities and ecosystems in Appalachia since mountaintop removal is the preferred method for coal mining in our region.