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Get Involved in Georgia’s Pine 2 Energy Coalition


Pine2EnergyThe Pine 2 Energy Coalition (P2E) is a partnership of a diverse group of stakeholders including forest landowners, energy producers, conservation organizations,government agencies and academic institutions.The mission of P2E is to increase the development of a pine biomass to energy industry, decrease the nation’s dependence on imported energy resources,improve the environment, and stimulate the region’s economy, with a focus on rural areas. Georgia currently has over 24 million acres of forestland and Georgia timberland owners are growing 22% more wood each year than is being removed from forests. Traditionally, pine has been used in the pulp and paper industry, but with declining markets, as well as the need to reduce green house gases, diversify energy markets, and increase national security, demand and use of these materials has expanded and changed. Utilizing pine for energy, such as electricity, heat, and fuel, has multiple benefits.It can help reduce greenhouse gases,improve the health of forests, increase wildlife habitat, enhance rural economies, and create local energy supplies.


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