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Support Solar Freedom and Economic Opportunities in Georgia:


Contact your Senators TODAY!

SB401, a bipartisan bill, has been introduced in Georgia’s General Assembly. This bill would allow renewable energy developers to create Power Purchase Agreements with private landowners and businesses to sell electricity to Georgia citizens. Specifically, the bill would expand consumer choice and economic competition in our state–values critical to our freedom. Call your State Senator no later than Friday, February 24 and ask them to

support SB401!

solar panelsUntil today, the bill has been held up in the Georgia General Assembly’s Natural Resources Committee where Senator Ross Tolleson vowed not to let it progress. The referral to that committee was a clear case of Georgia Power once again using their influence to stymie renewable energy development in the state.

Fortunately, the bill is expected to be moved to the more appropriate committee, Regulated Utilities and Industry Committee, to be heard today. This is promising news, but needs your support.

SB401 is a clear and important opportunity to improve consumer choice and renewable energy options for all Georgians. It informs consumers of their rights and reinforces the existing laws. There is no reason why Georgia should not live up to its billing as the 5th best state for solar energy in the United States, and benefit from the jobs and economic recovery opportunities that accompany it.

For more information, please take a look at some of the latest news coverage.


  • Call your State Senator no later than Friday, February 24 and ask them to support SB401. This bill will give Georgians a choice about the source of our electricity. Support our freedom and our future.

  • Go here to find your state senator.

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