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Urge Senators to Oppose Dirty Air Amendments!




Urge Your Senators to Oppose


Dirty Air Amendments!

For nearly four decades, the Clean Air Act has protected public and environmental health, but the dirty air lobby and their allies in Congress are trying to weaken this critical law with dirty energy amendments.

Speak to your Senators TODAYand urge them to vote against any dirty air amendments to the Senate Transportation Bill!

We expect a Senate vote this week on amendments that would significantly delay and weaken the clean-up of mercury and other toxic air pollution from industrial boilers – our nation’s second largest industrial source of mercury. Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin that harms children’s developing brains, and these safeguards are a critical step in protecting public health.

Carbon pollution smoke stacks

What You Can Do:

1. Call the Senate switchboard at
202-224-3121, OR

2. Visit your Senators’ websites to send an email.

What You Can Say:

  • I am calling/writing to urge my Senator to oppose all amendments or legislative riders that will block or delay enforcement of the Clean Air Act.
  • Specifically, the “dirty air” riders to the Surface Transportation Act, S. 1812 including the Collins Amendment 1660 & Barrasso Amendment 1618.
  • These amendments would allow industrial boilers and incinerators to continue spewing mercury, arsenic and dozens of toxic pollutants into the air, endangering the health of our children and families.
  • Congress should not weaken or delay laws that protect human health and well-being of the American people.
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