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Vogtle: Kill nuclear power before it kills you


From nuclear fission to environmental justice, nuclear power is a complicated and sometimes intimidating subject to tackle. Come learn about the many-sided issue at this easy-to-digest, beginner’s presentation with Courtney Hanson. We’ll touch briefly on how nuclear power works and its problems, environmental justice and communities already adversely affected by nuclear power – especially those in Georgia, before moving on to successful anti-nuclear movements in the U.S. and abroad, what’s being done in Georgia and how we can do more. We’ll discuss upcoming events including a bus trip to Shell Bluff, a die in and a mass action at the Public Service Commission.

What: seminar

When: Jan 1 1970 - Feb 20 2018
Thu 12:00am to Tue 10:00pm

Where: Learn About The Many Sides of Nuclear Power
80 Mayson Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, 30307