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Contact Your TN Reps to Save the Solar Industry!




Contact Your State Representatives

to Save the Solar Industry!


The Tennessee Solar Industry is in jeopardy and we need you to contact your state Senator and Representative asap! Legislation will be heard in Committee this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Call your Senator and Representative before Tuesday, March 20th, at 10:00 AM, Central, to tell them you oppose this legislation! You can also call after Tuesday to continue to challenge it!

SB 3296 (Senator McNally) and HB 3520 (Rep Hawk) are proposing to increase the appraised value of solar property for purposes of property taxation by a substantial amount. Below you will find information about these two Committee meetings taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday, including a list of attending members. Your call is especially important if your business is located in the district of a committee member.

To learn more about the bill, click here.

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What You Can Do:

1) Find your Senator and Representative contact information here.

2) Call and tell them you oppose this legislation because:

– This is a new, significant tax increase on solar installations in the state. It will affect every part of the solar value chain in Tennessee that employs over 6,000 workers at hundreds of companies.

– This bill raises taxes on solar and other renewable energy facilities, and it will result in fewer solar installations in the state.

Fewer Tennesseans will have jobs installing solar panels that are made in Tennessee with locally-made components.

– There are almost 700 solar installations in Tennessee. Policies like the property tax exemption have made solar more competitive and created jobs making and installing panels.

Members Attending Each Committee Meeting:

SB 3296 (McNally) – Senate State and Local Committee, Tuesday, March 20, 10:30 AM, Room # LP 12.
Members: Chair Sen. K. Yager (R), Vice Chair Sen. J. Johnson (R), Secretary Sen. L. Finney (D), Sen. S. Campfield (R), Sen. M. Faulk (R), Sen. T. Harper (D), Sen. J. Haynes (D), Sen. B. Ketron (R), Sen. M. Norris (R) HB 3520 (Hawk) – House Conservation and Environment Committee, Wednesday, March 21, 11:00 AM, Room # LP 29.
Members: Chair Rep. D. Hawk (R), Vice Chair Rep. R. Lollar (R), Secretary Rep. R. Floyd (R), Rep. S. Butt (R), Rep. C. Curtiss (D), Rep. B. Gilmore (D), Rep. A. Holt (R), Rep. M. Kernell (D), Rep. P. Marsh (R), Rep. M. McDonald (D), Rep. F. Niceley (R), Rep. A. Swann (R), Rep. J. Tidwell (D)

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