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Do Your Part: Make Wise Energy Choices


light_bulb-_focus_featureIt’s important to realize that the energy choices we make everyday all have impacts – some positive, others negative, and some a blend of both. However, energy efficiency is the energy option that typically provides the most benefits with the least costs. Making the right energy choices can help you lead a greener lifestyle while saving some green, too.

Learn Where you Stand by taking an Energy Quiz
Take an energy quiz today, and test your energy IQ! Several cover a broad range of subjects, while others provide more detail about your personal energy consumption.

A few of the more popular quizzes can be found on the following websites:

carbon_footprint.pngCalculate Your Carbon Footprint
Carbon footprints are a great to learn just how much energy you are currently using to help you see where smart energy choices can reduce your consumption and your monthly bills, as well.

Any of these websites – and dozens more – provide a fairly simplistic way to do this:

Take Personal Action in Your Home
Now that you have a better idea of what your energy usage looks like, you’re ready to move forward. To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of some of the more common energy saving ideas to share with you.

drive_steering_wheel.pngTake Personal Action for Your Drive
Just as there are easy actions to save energy in your home – there are ways to help improve fuel efficiency on the road as well.

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