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Florida Wind Energy


Some small-scale wind turbines have been erected in Florida and the Sunshine State already has several manufacturers, businesses, universities and non-governmental organizations that are actively promoting wind energy. (Download a factsheet about Florida wind.)

Florida Wind EnergyAccording to a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Florida contains approximately 28 square miles (75 km2) of area that may be of interest to onshore wind energy developers. This amount of area is enough for nearly 375 megawatts of wind energy capacity that could generate enough electricity to power about 70,000 Southern homes.

This estimate may be conservative because new turbine technology is better able to capture low-wind energy resources. Florida’s offshore wind resource may be even larger; however, this resource has not yet been accurately assessed.

The state also has many academic institutions (such as Florida State University) and companies (such as Siemens and Wind Capital Group) that are actively engaged with the wind energy industry.