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Ask Governer Haslam to Veto the Solar Tax Increase




Ask Governer Haslam

to Veto the Solar Tax Increase!


State Senate Bill 3296 proposes to increase the appraised value of solar property for purposes of taxation from .5% to 33 % of the installation cost, an effective 6,500% increase. This increase in taxes on the solar industry will impact every part of the solar value chain that employs over 6,000 workers at hundreds of companies in Tennessee. It will raise taxes on solar and other renewable energy facilities, and will result in fewer solar installations in the state. Fewer Tennesseans will have jobs installing solar panels that are made in Tennessee with locally-made components. There are almost 722 solar installations in Tennessee totaling 33 MW. An estimated 472, with the potential for an additional 76 MW have been approved and are in various stages of completion. These may not go forward if this new tax is added.

Afterall, it was Governor Haslam’s plan to make Tennessee #1 in the Southeast for high quality jobs… He promised to keep our taxes low and foster a business-friendly environment. In keeping with his promises, he should veto this bill. He has the opportunity to show that he means what he says. We need you to reach out to the Governor to ask him to protect the Tennessee solar industry.

What You Can Do

1) Email Governor Haslam at and tell him to veto SB 3296.

2) Contact the Chair of the House Finance Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Charles Michael Sargent, at, (615) 771-7222 or (615) 741-6808 and tell him you are opposed to SB 3296.

3) Contact the Executive Assistant to the Comptroller, Jason Mumpower, at, (615) 741-2501, and tell him you don’t want taxes increased on the Tennessee solar industry.

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