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History in the Making: Your comments needed



For the first time, our country is considering bold limits to carbon pollution from new power plants

and you can help make it happen.

co2 smoke stack

The EPA’s new national carbon pollution standard is a critical first step to protecting public health and preventing catastrophic climate change.

But big polluters are spending millions on lobbyists, lawsuits and attack ads to derail these standards before they ever get enforced.

Will you join with hundreds of thousands of Americans in supporting historic limits on carbon pollution from power plants?

After years of delay, EPA has finally taken action granted by Congress under the Clean Air Act and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Limiting dangerous carbon pollution from new power plants is critical because it’s the single largest source of global warming pollution. And by taking action we will also create jobs critical to our country’s competitiveness and reduce the effects of climate change that worsen smog and trigger asthma attacks and other health consequences. Please submit a public comment to EPA before the June 12th deadline and support the first-ever national carbon pollution standard! Thank you for being part of history.

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