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Act NOW! Anti-Science Bills Threaten our Coast!



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Tell your legislators and the Governor to oppose the anti-science billsH819 andS851 today!

Thought you’d seen it all from North Carolina’s out of control legislature? Check again! Some legislators are now directly attacking science in North Carolina with two absurd and radical proposals: one bill (H819) would tell scientists and public officials what data to use (and not use), particularly related to sea level rise and projected climate impacts to NC’s coastline. This legislation would effectively steal local governments’ control over their own coastal policies and set North Carolina’s coastal residents up for disaster. H819 has been the subject of widespread ridicule this week, and was even featured on The Colbert Report.

Help us put an end to this andtell your state legislators and Governor Perdueto support science and common sense by opposing the radical anti-science bills. 

Comedian Stephen Colbert summed up the intent of H819 best by joking that, “If science gives you a result you don’t like, pass a law saying the result is illegal. Problem solved."The whole video can be seen online here.

Not only are anti-science legislators directly attacking science, they have already passed S851 through a Senate committee, which would purge volunteer, unpaid scientists, doctors and conservationists from the state’s environmental and health boards. S851 will essentially put industry and big polluters in charge of regulating themselves in North Carolina if it makes it further through this legislature. 

We need your help to stop these outlandish attacks on science and common sense in North Carolina. Don’t Wait!Tell your legislators and the Governor to oppose the anti-science billsH819 andS851 today!


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