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The Federal Housing Finance Administration (FHFA) is interfering with a homeowner’s right to invest in energy efficiency and renewables! FHFA said it would not accept properties enrolled in a PACE program– Property Assessed Clean Energy – for insured mortgages through Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac.

Click here and send an email TODAY, expressing your support for homeowners’ rights to choose energy efficiency and renewables by allowing and expanding voluntary special assessments to PACE financing on property tax bill.

BACKGROUND:Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) has been frozen for the residential market nationwide since the Federal Housing Finance Administration (FHFA) issued an advisory warning to the mortgage industry in June 2010.

Tell FHFA to support PACE, and protect the freedom of homeowners to make their own energy choices and investments for their home!

WHY WE CARE: PACE increases the value of homes, reduces homeowners’ energy costs (making mortgage repayment easier), grows jobs and economic activity, and helps local governments meet greenhouse gas reduction and clean energy goals. PACE programs that have been formulated in jurisdictions across the country involve responsible underwriting criteria with a record of success for the property owners.

PACE is the only one of roughly 37,000 special assessment programs across the USA. Special assessment programs help finance neighborhood or individual property projects, such as sewer connections, curb & sidewalk installations, and levee work. Special assessment programs are a crucial financial engine for America’s infrastructure – infrastructure that should include solar power panels and other clean energy projects.

Further information about PACE is available on the web at: or

Click here and send an email to the FHFA General Counsel now.

Building America’s clean energy infrastructure means:

  • Investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy distributed across our communities;
  • Good, local jobs;
  • Cutting back on costly, dirty energy dependence; and
  • Families and businesses building their own clean energy economy.

RegComments@fhfa.govby including the same subject line [“Comments/RIN 2590-AA53”].

REMEMBER:The Federal deadline for comments is September 13th! Thank you for your support of this campaign and Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.


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