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Head to the polls for Clean Energy!


votebuttonresized.jpgThe election is TOMORROW and with so much at stake for energy policy both on a national and regional level, the importance of the upcoming elections cannot be over-stated!

Big Polluters continue to be Big Spenders in the hopes they can influence elections and defeat clean energy champions across the county. Supporting clean energy candidates is one way to ensure the best individuals will be in office next year to meaningfully address the wide range of needed energy reforms. It is critical that clean energy supporters vote for clean energy champions to help level the playing field.What You Can Do TODAY:

  • Use a variety of tools from issue-based candidate profiles to issue-based voter guides; from newspaper profiles to third-party scorecards or candidate endorsements to help you determine which candidates will best support and promote clean energy policies if they get the job. SACE has also put together a series of blogs on each presidential candidate’s energy position to help get you started.

    Don’t forget to follow the money and find out what financial influences our candidates aren’t discussing openly. is a great source for this, helping track the flow and influence of fossil fuel money in US politics. As our leaders debate America’s energy portfolio and the world’s most pressing challenge – confronting and solving global warming – we must ensure that they are listening to their constituents and not just the oil and coal lobbyists.

  • Make sure those around you are ready to vote and informed on the issues as is a great, one-stop resource for all voters, with state specific pages that help you check your registration status, look up polling locations and much more. Share this page with your networks both online and in your everyday life, and help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to cast their vote in this election!

What You Can Do TOMORROW:

  • If you haven’t voted early, bring like-minded friends, family and neighbors to the polls with you on Tuesday, November 6 and help send the message that clean energy solutions to climate pollution must be a priority for our elected leaders!


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