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Help Include Climate Change in Presidential Debate



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Tell Jim Lehrer that we want to make sure our candidates talk about climate!

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will square off in a series of debates beginning next month on October 3. Please urge presidential debate moderator, PBS’ Jim Lehrer, to directly ask the candidates about their positions on climate change and how each intends to address the defining challenge of our era.

Throughout their campaigns, both candidates have remained fairly quiet on the issue of climate change even as rising temperatures have caused tragic drought, rampant wildfires, and deadly storms throughout the U.S.

Let’s get climate back on the presidential agenda:click here to send a letter now!

Take less than one minute today andsend a pre-written letter to Mr. Lehrer so that voters may have the chance to hear what the candidates running for our nation’s highest office have to say about climate change and climate solutions.

Learn more about climate change and its impacts on our website,

Pleasesubmit a letter herebyOctober 3rd, to make sure your voice is heard!

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