SACE | Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Float Beyond Coal!


On October 14th, people from across Western North Carolina will be coming to tell Duke Energy Progress that it’s time to move Beyond Coal. Supporters will be paddling out onto Lake Julian, holding banners, and creating a strong visual statement that we value our health and environment. Let’s move Asheville beyond coal to a clean energy future!

Want to be a part of the clean energy movement? Then grab a friend! Bring your boat if you have one! RSVP here and join Asheville Beyond Coal to float beyond coal!

The Asheville Coal Plant is contributing to air pollution that threatens our health and our environment. Coal burning emits harmful air pollution that triggers asthma attacks, produces toxic coal ash which threatens local water supplies, and destroys mountain communities in neighboring states through mountaintop removal mining. We should not be sacrificing the health of our community, or our beautiful natural environment to stay stuck with this dirty, outdated energy source. We can change the way we get our energy. With clean energy solutions, like solar and wind power and strong efficiency, we can meet our energy needs. It is time to come together and move Western North Carolina to a clean energy future!

For more info or to get more involved, call Jackie Trevino at (828) 251-1272 or email at
RSVP here and let them know you’re coming!

What: seminar

When: Jan 1 1970 - Feb 22 2018
Thu 12:00am to Thu 3:00pm

Where: Lake Julian, Pavilion #5
Lake Julian Park, Asheville, North Carolina, 28704