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It’s Time to Vote for Clean Energy In Tennessee!



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——Election Day: November 6, 2012
Are you ready to vote for clean energy?

In less than a month, the United States will hold elections that may determine our energy future. Will we elect leaders who rubber-stamp a “Business as Usual” energy policy or leaders that help guide us towards a clean energy economy?

If you care about the outcome, don’t stand on the sidelines: get out and vote for clean energy candidates!

Our state allows registered voters to vote before Election Day and early voting kicks off today, October 17th! Avoid long lines or bad weather on November 6th: vote early to ensure your vote counts.

Click here to find out how to vote early in Tennessee: Early voting runs from Oct.17 – Nov.1.

Grab a friend; carpool, walk or bike to a polling station; and vote for clean energy candidates!

Vote for Clean Energy
Use the resources below to help you decide who the clean energy candidates are:

Don’t sit out this election! Go to the polls and vote early for clean energy candidates to help America shift to a clean energy economy.

For more information, contact Jennifer Rennicks

Thank you for all you do to support a clean energy future,

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy


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