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Election Day: November 6, 2012

We’re writing you again to make sure you’re aware that next week, the only Georgia-specific statewide election is for the Georgia Public Service Commission.

The Georgia Public Service Commission has exclusive power to decide what are fair and reasonable rates for utility services. It must balance Georgia citizens’ need for reliable services and reasonable rates with the need for utilities to earn a reasonable return on investment.

The five elected Commissioners, supported by approximately 90 staff members, make decisions that affect the lives of every Georgian each time a telephone is picked up, a light is turned on and a gas burner is used.

If you care about the outcome, don’t stand on the sidelines: get out and vote for clean energy candidates!

Georgia allows registered voters to vote before Election Day and early voting kicked offOctober 29th. Avoid long lines or bad weather on November 6th: vote early to ensure your vote counts.

Click here to find out how to vote early in Georgia: No-excuse absentee early voting runs from Oct.29 – Nov.2.

Because we are a non-profit c(3) organization, we do NOT endorse any candidates for elected office. However, we are obligated to inform the public on the energy positions of candidates and elected officials.

Below is a list of the candidates and incumbents running for the Public Service Commission in Georgia.

Please visit their websites, view their web videos and read their positions on the issues. Share this information with your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues across Georgia.

PSC District 3

Chuck Eaton – Republican (incumbent) –

Steve Oppenheimer – Democrat –

Brad Ploeger – Libertarian –

PSC District 5

Stan Wise – Republican (incumbent) –

David Staples – Libertarian –

Don’t sit out this election! Go to the polls and vote early for clean energy candidates to help America shift to a clean energy economy.

For more information, contact Jennifer Rennicks

Thank you for all you do to support a clean energy future,

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy


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