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Nix Florida’s nuclear tax

Now is the time to demand consumer protections from Florida lawmakers!

During this legislative session, leaders in Tallahassee have been discussing and debating the flawed nuclear cost recovery law that shifts all the financial risk of building reactors to customers. This hurts Florida’s economy, including seniors, families and businesses. Legislation has been offered up with the Senate recently passing their attempt to “fix” this scheme.

Send a clear message to Tallahassee

that Floridians can’t afford to pay now for expensive

reactors that likely will never be built!

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Bi-partisan leadership in both the House and Senate has acknowledged that the anti-consumer legislation passed in 2006 has caused serious problems. They are moving in the right direction, but a complete repeal of Florida’s nuclear tax is the only way to clearly ensure protections for consumers.

In addition, consumers deserve to know how much they are being forced to pay up front each month for these risky new reactor proposals. Any legislation that passes must at least include this “truth in billing” concept and include many more consumer protections.

Take action now and write your state senator and

representative and Speaker of the House Will Weatherford

to tell them it is time to end the flow of money from your

pockets to the big power companies.