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Tell Gov. Scott to Veto Dangerous Coal Ash Bill!

Take Action Now: Tell Governor Scott to Veto Dangerous Coal Ash Bill!

The Florida legislature has passed a dangerous bill that puts public health and our water resources at risk of exposure to toxic coal ash.

Coal ash, the waste remaining when coal is burned for electricity, contains elevated concentrations of heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, lead, selenium and others. If signed into law, S.B. 682 will put the public at risk of exposure from this toxic trash.

Your action is urgently needed NOW to prevent this bill from becoming law!

Make a quick call to Governor Scott at (850) 488-7146 asking him to veto S.B. 682:

“I am calling to voice my grave concerns about Senate Bill 682: Fossil Fuel Combustion Products. If signed into law, it will put the waters we all rely on for drinking, fishing and recreation in danger from toxic coal ash. Coal ash is toxic trash and this bill fails to keep it out of Florida’s waters and communities.”

No time to make a call? Send your letter to Governor Scott NOW!

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