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Urge EPA to Finalize New Car and Fuel Standards

Take Action Now: Urge EPA to Finalize New Car and Fuel Standards!

The EPA recently announced new standards to reduce car pollution and the sulfur content in gasoline– at the cost of only a penny a gallon. These new standards will reduce emissions from both new cars and cars already on the road today.

Stand up for clean air and submit an official comment for cleaner gasoline and tailpipe standards today.

Millions of people in the Southeast live in areas that do not meet federal health standards for air quality. According to EPA, these new standards will prevent up to 2,400 premature deaths and 22,000 asthma attacks each year by 2030.

These standards are supported by a diverse coalition of organizations and industry—and a majority of Americans, too—because they will reduce air pollution, lessen respiratory illnesses like asthma, and create new jobs through technical innovation.

But oil companies say they’re too expensive, and they are fighting back.

Pleasesubmit an official commentin support of cleaner gasoline and tailpipe standards now!

EPA is taking public comments on this proposal until July 1, 2013.N—-