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Southeast Woody Bioenergy Inventory


southeast_woody_bioenergy-inventoryThis Southeast regional woody bioenergy inventory is based on literature review, analysis of published datasets, and a survey of industry developers. All woody biomass technologies are covered (wood pellets, biomass electricity, CHP, thermal, and cellulosic biofuels). Our study was first motivated by sustainability concerns and the question, is woody biomass utilization in the Southeastern US proceeding too rapidly or too slowly?

By compiling and analyzing a comprehensive database of bioenergy project proposals and biomass consuming facilities, we found that biopower is growing modestly, with biomass CHP and thermal progressing faster, and wood pellet export production growing >2,500% in six years. Current development in biopower is compared to historic trends in capacity. Projections are made as to likelihood of specific future developments. A detailed discussion of carbon and climate implications gives new insights into the current literature, and projections of how additional bioenergy might expand in ways that clearly benefit the climate.

The full report can be downloaded here (4.5MB PDF file).