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2013 Fall Campaign


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Protect the Places You Love. Protect the Ones You Love.

Give the Gift of a Clean Energy Future.




TVA has announced they will retire 3308 megawatts of dirty coal-fired power at 3 facilities throughout the Tennessee Valley. This will mean that 15,641,066 tons of carbon pollution will no longer be emitted once the plants are fully offline.



When you invest just $15 in a clean energy future this weekend, not only will you become a SACE member, you will also receive an additional gift membership, just in time for the holidays!

Gift this additional membership to a friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor who you would like to join you in the fight for a clean energy future.

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We’ll send your selected recipient a personalized card informing them of their SACE membership gift from YOU, along with a clean energy messenger bag to show off their commitment to a cleaner, safer future!


Just click on this link or visit our donate page. Select the amount you would like to invest and submit your contribution. You will then receive a link to a form to fill out your gift recipient’s contact information. And we will take care of the rest!

Well, of course! By investing at the $30 level you will receive everything mentioned above and we’ll send you a clean energy messenger bag too!

Invest in Clean Energy Today and Give the Gift that keeps on Giving!

Thank you for your support!