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Coal Ash: The Southeast’s Toxic Legacy


It’s been almost five years since a coal ash impoundment failed at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant, flooding 300 acres with toxic sludge. Kingston may have put the spotlight on coal ash, but it is a problem in our backyards across the Southeast. Forty percent of the nation’s coal ash dumps are located in the Southeast, 450 sites in all, and many of these are unlined, allowing dangerous leaching of toxic heavy metals. According to the EPA 21 of these represent a high hazard to communities.

Since 2008, significant public pressure has continued to call for EPA to finalize our nation’s first ever coal ash regulations. This webinar will get you up to speed on the landscape of coal ash issues in the Southeast, the status of long-awaited federal regulations, and how citizens are using the courts to protect communities and waterways from this toxic threat. Special guests, Lisa Evans of EarthJustice and Frank Holleman of the Southern Environmental Law Center will join SACE’s own coal ash expert, Joan Walker, to share their work at the national, state, and regional level.

What: Webinar

When: Nov 13 2013, Wed 2:00pm