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On December 10, Ask Alabama Power to Show You the Money


On December 10, Alabama Power will discuss its spending on generation resources in an annual, informal hearing.

Alabama Power spends billions to keep old, inefficient coal plants running and plans to spend more. Unlike other states that require a detailed “Integrated Resource Plan” comparing various mixes of coal, natural gas, nuclear, wind, solar, and energy efficiency, Alabama does not require a public cost comparison. Additionally, Alabama Power earns a roughly 13.5% profit on what it spends to keep these plants open! As long as no one’s looking, the company has an incentive to charge you more and keep polluting, rather than exploring cheaper, cleaner options.

After presentations at the informal hearing, anyone in the room may ask a question. There are lots of questions to ask: Why is Alabama Power choosing coal over wind? When is it going to phase out coal plants that are already 60 years old? Could solar energy be in the mix as it is in Georgia? What independent experts have verified its choices? What energy efficiency programs will Alabama Power offer me?

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What: Hearing

When: Dec 10 2013, Tue 9:30am

Where: Carl L. Evans Chief Administrative Law Judge Hearing Complex, RSA Union Building, Room 900
100 N. Union Street, Montgomery, Alabama, 36104

Amelia Shenstone