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uPowerSC: Learn About The South Carolina Public Service Commission and Election Opportunities in 2014


The uPowerSC initiative is a statewide, grassroots initiative to educate and engage citizens in a meaningful way about the choices that impact consumers every day. uPowerSC is focused on educating citizens about what the Public Service Commission (PSC) does and how Commissioners are selected.

The State Regulation of Public Utilities Review Committee (PURC) is accepting applications for three seats on the PSC from February 3 through February 21. Conservation Voters of South Carolina, the South Carolina Wildlife Federation, and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy will present this webinar to explain the PSC, which seats are open, and how the application process works. Please register if you would like to learn more about the PSC, if you are interested in running for a seat, or if you know someone who would make a good candidate.

When: Feb 3 2014, Mon