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Urgent: Demand protections for NC’s communities and waterways



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No more coal ash spills! Demand protections now for NC’s communities and waterways.

Earlier this week a stormwater pipe burst beneath a coal ash impoundment at Duke Energy’s retired Dan River power station near Eden, NC, spilling up to 82,000 tons of toxic coal ash and as much as 27 million gallons of contaminated waste water into the Dan River. That’s enough coal ash to fill 20-32 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The ash impoundment continues to dump water and ash into a public drinking water source and the failure has yet to be contained. Both Duke and DENR failed to alert the public of the spill for 26 hours after it was discovered.

Duke’s coal ash has been polluting ground and surface waters and threatening communities with inevitable coal ash spills for years. Send your message today and let North Carolina’s leaders and those tasked with protecting the public from polluters that this disaster is completely unacceptable and that mismanagement of Duke’s coal ash waste is the cause of this problem. We will not accept this any longer and neither should you.

Send your message NOW and demand comprehensive action to adequately clean up coal ash dumpsites across the state and make sure that the public is immediately warned the next time a public waterway is contaminated.

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