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Walnut Cove Community Coal Ash Gathering


DanRiverCoalashpipeCoal ash is the toxic waste left behind when coal is burned for electricity. Coal ash dumps at Duke Energy’s Belews Creek Steam Station on the banks of Belews Lake contain over four billion gallons of the waste. These impoundments are unlined, aging, in poor condition and pollute the lake, Dan River, nearby groundwater and air. The EPA has rated the dumpsite as High Hazard, meaning that a dam failure like the one that happened five years ago in Kingston, Tennessee would cause significant damage to nearby property, infrastructure, and could result in loss of life.

Join Appalachian Voices and Southern Environmental Law Center to learn more and get involved to protect Walnut Cove and its waters from this harmful pollution.

What: Meeting

When: Feb 23 2014, Sun 3:00-6:30pm

Where: Forest Chapel United Methodist Church
4252 Pine Hall Rd, Walnut Cove, NC, 27052

Kara Dodson
(434) 509-7573