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Stop the Attack on Electric Vehicles in Georgia



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Tell Your Representatives to Support Electric Vehicles!

Contact your state representatives today and let them know you support electric vehicles in Georgia and oppose HB 257 Substitute to eliminate the tax credit for electric vehicles.

Georgia has been leading the way in electric vehicle sales in the US–we currently rank 4th in the U.S. for electric vehicle (EV) ownership. Georgians are benefitting from fewer emissions, less dependence on oil and price fluctuations, and cleaner air. The sale of electric vehicles is also bringing economic benefits–the electric vehicle industry is creating jobs, bringing new businesses to the state, saving money on fuel costs, and helping drive innovation.

Unfortunately, Representative Chuck Martin has proposed HB 257 Substitute, that would eliminate Georgia’s tax credit for EVs. This is bad news for Georgia. While Georgia is currently a leader in EV ownership, EVs only make up 1.1% of vehicles owned in Georgia. We still have a long way to go. It will take time to become a large share of the new vehicle market. State incentives, like Georgia’s Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Tax Credit, have played an important role accelerating sales and will continue to be important as the market matures.

Eliminating this important driver for a new industry would put the breaks on the benefits the EVs are providing in our state. Let’s seek alternative solutions to maintain and expand Georgia’s tax credit for electric vehicles.

Contact your state representatives NOW to voice your support for electric vehicles in Georgia and your opposition to HB 257 Substitute to eliminate the tax credit for electric vehicles.

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