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ACT NOW: Stop the attack on solar power in Florida



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Tell the Florida Public Service Commission:
Reject all attacks on rooftop solar in Florida!


Florida should be particularly sensitive to the benefits of a clean energy economy and the risks of remaining dependent on dirty fossil fuels. With hundreds of miles of coastline, Florida has already begun to understand the high risks of unchecked climate change through intense storms and sea level rise.

Under current law, Florida residents who install rooftop solar panels on their homes are able to receive fair credit for any excess electricity they provide to the power grid – helping pay off their investment by providing a clean source of energy to their neighbors.

But if utilities like FPL or Duke Energy get their way, homeowners and businesses that invest in solar power would no longer be fully compensated for the clean energy they provide to the grid. Now is the time to support solar.

Now is the time for Florida to step up and truly own the title of “The Sunshine State”.

Will you sign your name to this petition to the Florida Public Service Commission urging it to support investments in solar power in Florida? Thank you for your support.

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