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Appalachian Energy Center Workshops: Building Energy Efficiency & Indoor Environmental Quality


As building envelopes have become tighter to improve energy efficiency and meet the changes required by the new NC Building Code, it is important to understand the relationship between energy efficiency measures and indoor environment quality (IEQ). Potential impacts on IEQ depend upon several factors including contaminant generation and ventilation rates, construction methods, building pressure differences and airflow patterns.

This workshop will cover an integrated approach to building performance that addresses these inter-related issues. Participants will learn how to evaluate and address factors that can lead to common IEQ problems. Demonstrations will include blower door diagnostics and infrared thermography for quantifying air leakage and identifying heat transfer pathways, and air sampling methods and interpretation of results for evaluating building performance and IEQ.

The focus of the workshop is operational issues after design and construction are completed, and Susan will be sharing results from her PhD thesis – Determination of Limiting Conditions for Fungal Growth in the Built Environment.

Cost: $250* (lunch included)
*Early Registration Cost: $200 – Register by close of business day September 12th to receive discount
Students in UNC system cost: $200**
**Student Early Registration Cost: $175

This workshop is part of the 2014 Appalachian Energy Center Workshop Series. For other courses, click here.

2014 App Energy Center Postcard


What: Seminar

When: Oct 3 2014, Fri 9:00am - 4:30pm

Where: Appalachian State University Campus