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Protect the Savannah River from Plant Vogtle’s Big Thirst


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We invite you to join us for

Public Hearing on Plant Vogtle’s
Surface Water Withdrawal Permit

We invite you to join us
Thursday, May 8th at 7:00 p.m.
Waynesboro, GA

The Savannah River, which provides water to well over one million people, is stressed, earning the designation as the country’s fourth most toxic river. With two more water-intensive new nuclear reactors proposed at Plant Vogtle in Burke Co., this already unacceptable situation will get worse. In fact, Plant Vogtle’s expansion twice made the Georgia Water Coalition’s infamous Dirty Dozen list!

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) will hold an important public meeting to hear the concerns of Georgia’s and South Carolina’s upstream and downstream citizens, communities and businesses that rely on the Savannah as they consider approving the massive surface water withdrawal permit request from Southern Nuclear. Find our comments here.

The reactors, which could operate for 60+ years, could withdraw up to 74 million gallons of water per day (gpd) from the river, in addition to the 127 million gpd of water that the existing two reactors are permitted to withdraw. The consumptive loss, water that is never returned, is significant with tens of millions of gallons lost per day. EPD has acknowledged a worst-case scenario of consumptive losses up to 88%.

If you cannot attend, please submit comments to EPD by May 15; find instructions here.

Don’t forget to mark this event on your calendar! Details below.

Public Hearing on Plant Vogtle’s Surface Water Withdrawal Permit

When: Thursday, May 8th at 7:00pm

Where: Augusta Technical College Auditorium
216 Highway 24 South
Waynesboro, Georgia 30830

Questions: Sara Barczak, 912-201-0354,


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