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Take action: Attend Important 5/2/17 NRC Hearing on Ongoing Legal Challenge

News: FPL’s Proposed Turkey Point Reactors Face Obstacles as Toshiba-Westinghouse Faces Financial Meltdown & blog post on impacts to new nuclear proposals in U.S.

News: Expert Report Provides Affordable, Practical Solution to FPL’s Polluting Cooling Canal System at Turkey Point [Blog here]

News: Citizen groups file federal Clean Water Act lawsuit against FPL for ongoing pollution in Biscayne Bay (amended complaint here)

News: Florida Public Service Commission defers nuclear cost recovery from FPL customers to 2017

Action: Sign the petition opposing the licensing of FPL’s Turkey Point nuclear expansion! (en Español)

In Review:

Public Service Commission Fails to Protect Consumers; Approves FPL’s 2015 Nuclear Pre-Payment Scheme for Proposed Turkey Point Reactors

Federal licensing board briefed on threats to wetlands from proposed Turkey Point reactors

Turkey Point b&w 3

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy has been fighting against costly Florida utility plans to build up to four risky, unnecessary new nuclear reactors estimated at over $40 billion, while advocating for safe, clean and affordable energy choices that can reduce global warming pollution. In 2013 Duke wisely abandoned pursuing the two Levy County reactors before the Florida Public Service Commission (originally pursued by Progress Energy Florida). Though Duke is pursuing a federal operating license, it’s essentially down to two Toshiba-Westinghouse AP1000 reactors — FPL’s proposed expansion of Turkey Point near Miami with an estimated price tag of well over $20 billion that has been delayed several times, well over a decade delayed from original estimates with no commitment by the utility to actually build the reactors. In early 2017 reactor designer and builder, Toshiba-Westinghouse, has pulled out of the nuclear plant construction business and is facing a financial meltdown that puts FPL’s already speculative project in further turmoil. Read our blog post here.

With an already high reliance on nuclear power in Florida, anti-consumer state legislation known in Florida as “nuclear cost recovery” or Florida’s “nuclear tax” allows for customers to be unfairly charged in advance for new nuclear power generation, even if the projects are abandoned as with the case of Duke’s Levy Co. reactors and now-closed Crystal River 3. With FPL still stubbornly pursuing the expensive and highly speculative Turkey Point reactors even while their existing reactors, Units 3 & 4, experience problems, and our concerns with their existing St. Lucie 2 reactor, now is the time to take action. For more information on new reactor proposals in Florida, visit our Learn About page and for more information on FPL’s St. Lucie 2 reactor, click here and the existing Turkey Point Units 3 & 4 reactors, click here.


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