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Protect Net Metering in North Carolina!



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Tell the North Carolina Utilities Commission
to Protect Net Metering!

Solar net metering provides a fair and innovative option for customers interested in diversifying their energy supply and reducing their exposure to rising utility rates. It is a clean energy alternative that provides not only environmental and health benefits to all ratepayers, but also grid benefits – as described in this report – such as reducing costly peak demand, increasing transmission efficiency, and lessening the burden on distribution systems and infrastructure investment. It also generates local jobs through private investment and fosters competition in an otherwise monopolistic utility industry.

Yet, despite all these benefits Duke officials have made several unsubstantiated claims regarding the costs of net metering, and they have signaled their intention to propose roll backs to the current net metering policies.

Don’t let Duke (or other utilities) hold solar back.

Send a letter to the North Carolina Commissioners to make clear that solar and net metering should be encouraged in the state, and that any proposed rule changes that would undermine its value or dissuade customers from going solar should be rejected.

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