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Act Now, Ask Governor Rick Scott: What’s your plan?



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Fill out this petition now, and ask Governor Rick Scott: What’s your plan for climate change in Florida?

In South Florida, human caused climate change isn’t a debate, it’s reality. We have an obligation to our kids and future generations to protect them from danger. Right now industrial carbon pollution is fueling climate change, which threatens our health, is dangerous to Florida’s coral reefs, beaches and tourism, raises our homeowners’ insurance costs, and puts our drinking water at risk.

What’s Your Plan, Gov? is a new, collaborative campaign dedicated to making sure that Florida’s next governor has a plan to invest in a clean energy economy, hold utilities accountable for cleaning up their carbon pollution, and protect the state from the impacts of climate change. With the upcoming release of the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants, we need Gov. Scott to strongly support the new rules and lead the Sunshine State by embracing solar power and energy efficiency.

Sign this petition now, and tell Governor Scott: Florida voters need to know if he has a plan to deal with climate change.

Learn more about the What’s Your Plan, Gov? campaign at and follow the campaign on Facebook here.

Attending one of Governor Scott’s events in the near future? Ask him the question in person and film it; you could receive $100 reward! Details here.


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